Artist Bio

“Making lampwork beads is like painting with glass.”

Set against the rich backdrop of the red rock high desert and the azure-hued sky of Northern Arizona is the small studio of CC Design. Owner and lampwork bead artist Carolyn Conley has created and sold lampwork beads since 2000. The unique forms, colors and details of her masterful artwork allows Carolyn to travel to several craft and art shows throughout Arizona selling her work, as well as to operate a full Etsy shop where she does business as a Self Represented Artist (SRA).

Originating as a maker of jewelry for family and friends during the late 1990s, Carolyn Conley stumbled upon the beauty of lampwork beads while browsing the web. Immediately smitten with their daintiness, Carolyn became a self-taught lampwork artist, whose work has since been included in publications like Bead Unique, Australian Bead Magazine and Bead Style Magazine.

Born to a wonderfully creative mother in Southern California, Carolyn now resides in the Southwest with her loving family, husband Tim and daughter Alison. After years of studying the method of making lampwork beads, Carolyn branched out into jewelry, using her beautiful lampwork beads to accent bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Her designs have increased in popularity each new year.

Designs from CC Design have been included in several bead magazines: Bead Unique, Australian Beading Magazine and Bead Style Magazine, as well as in the instructional 2009 edition of Easy Beading Vol. 5


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